PicoSure Rejuvenation

The PicoSure laser excels in treating a variety of skin concerns as well as removing unwanted tattoos.

What Is PicoSure Rejuvenation?

Here at Montana Aesthetics, our friendly staff makes every effort to provide you with the best treatments possible. We only use the best for treating our visitors and our current favorite is the PicoSure rejuvenation laser. This powerful device is the first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient tattoo removal and skin revitalization. The PicoSure excels in treating a variety of skin concerns as well as removing unwanted tattoos. Instead of relying solely on heat for results, PicoSure relies on the rapid release of energy, minimizing tissue damage and discomfort. Its revolutionary technology works with the body’s natural healing processes to restore youthful skin via collagen and elastin production.


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

How Does PicoSure Work?

The advanced PicoSure laser works with your body’s natural internal healing system to remove tattoos and revitalize your skin. The laser uses PressureWave technology that delivers ultra-short pulses of specialized energy to targeted ink particles; the ink is then broken apart into tiny dust-like particles. These tiny particles are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally, reducing the appearance of your tattoo.

To help you look younger and more radiant, the PicoSure taps into your body’s built-in ability to heal as well. When your skin cells are exposed to PressureWave, “cell signaling” occurs, prompting your body to release proteins. These proteins then induce a healing response, resulting in improved collagen and elastic production for a fresher, brighter, and younger look.*

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What Does It Treat?

Our PicoSure Revitalization treatments focus on the reduction of acne, scars, age spots, and sun damage. Over time, our skin becomes tarnished by the ravages of time and the natural elements around us. Gradual collagen loss, frequent sun exposure, and regular breakouts all have the effect of aging us prematurely. PicoSure effectively reverses this process, refreshing your skin and restoring your look. The PicoSure’s powerful, yet safe laser also allows for effective tattoo removal. With each treatment session, you will see a gradual reduction in the appearance of your ink until the tattoo is completely gone!*

What to Expect During PicoSure Treatment

When you visit our Helena, Montana center, we will happily sit with you and discuss your specific needs and desires from the treatment. Above all, Dr. Vellanki and the rest of our dedicated staff feel that the most effective outcomes are produced when patients and doctors establish good relationships. Once we have gotten to know you and examined your skin, we can determine whether or not PicoSure is right for you. With PicoSure Rejuvenation, there’s no preparation needed before treatment and procedures take as little as 10-15 minutes. Most people find the experience painless and describe treatments as feeling like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. To minimize any possible discomfort, our staff can apply numbing cream to the treatment site upon request.

What Are the Results?

The PicoSure laser offers a shorter recovery time when compared with other tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments. This device uses gentle pressure instead of dangerous, damaging heat, and therefore doesn’t necessitate a long and painful recovery. In fact, most patients experience only a few hours of mild redness post-treatment. With PicoSure, you need not sacrifice safety, comfort, or convenience to get the beautiful results you desire. 

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PicoSure Rejuvenation in Helena, MT

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