ICON ThreeForMe™

The ICON ThreeForME technology effectively targets multiple skin concerns all at once during a single treatment session.

What Is ICON ThreeForMe?

Taking care of your skin can be really tough, even with all of the products out on the market today. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, you may be tempted to just buy an over-the-counter cream or serum and get it over with. However, these kinds of solutions are rarely ideal. Montana Aesthetics is here to offer you the ICON ThreeForMe™ laser treatment. This powerful device combines broadband light (BBL) and 1540 laser technology to relieve your skin of sun damage, age spots, and other skin imperfections.


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

How Does ICON ThreeForMe Work?

The ICON ThreeForMe is a revolutionary device that offers skin rejuvenation through the use of dual-action laser wavelengths. The ICON ThreeForMe technology effectively targets multiple skin concerns all at once during a single treatment session. The best part of the ICON laser is that it is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime post-treatment. When you visit Montana Aesthetics, we will discuss your skin care needs and customize your laser treatment session to best meet your desired outcome.

Close-up on a woman's crow's feet

What Does ICON ThreeForMe Treat?

ICON ThreeForMe treats a variety of concerns including those caused by sun damage such as brown spots and age spots. It also addresses unwanted facial veins including broken blood vessels, spider veins and rosacea. This impressive laser offers smoother, rejuvenated skin with very few treatments and virtually no downtime required.

What to Expect During Treatment

ThreeForMe laser treatment has been designed to offer exceptional results in just 45 minutes. This treatment is performed in two steps. The first step involves using ICON BBL technology to treat discoloration for a more even complexion. This stage addresses sun damage and broken blood vessels. The second step involves the use of microbeam laser technology that gently renews the skin for a smoother appearance. This laser promotes long-term collagen and elastin production, leading to improved skin over time.

Results From ICON ThreeForMe Treatment

Your ICON ThreeForMe laser session may result in some mild swelling, redness, and darkening of the skin at first. This is completely normal and will subside shortly after your visit. Once your skin is healed, you will notice a visible improvement in smoothness, texture, and color.* Your skin will look radiant!* We typically recommend 3-4 treatment sessions for best results.

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ICON ThreeForMe Treatments in Helena, MT

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