KYBELLA®: Banish That Double Chin Without Surgery

If you use scarves and turtlenecks to camouflage the fat under your chin, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery survey, 67% of individuals with chin or neck fat are very troubled by it. 

Our Helena Dermatology & Montana Aesthetics, PC team, led by Dr. Latha Vellanki, enthusiastically embraces and recommends a revolutionary injectable treatment for this nuisance called KYBELLA®.

It’s become our go-to treatment for melting stubborn submental (chin fat) away, because it offers multiple benefits and no drawbacks. WIth KYBELLA®, there’s a lot to love.


KYBELLA® contains a chemical that’s derived from a chemical called deoxycholic acid that’s present in bile. It destroys fat that you’ve eaten during the digestive process, and a synthetic form was developed that does the same thing to your dreaded double-chin. 


Because KYBELLA®’s design was modeled on something your body produces, users experience few problems. Rest assured that Dr. Vellanki only uses products that are effective and absolutely safe. KYBELLA® was FDA-approved in 2015.

KYBELLA®’s Many Pluses

It was not so long ago that nothing could really be done to correct a double chin, short of painful, invasive liposuction surgery. The advent of KYBELLA® means that you:

  • Have a noninvasive injectable option to rid your neck of submental fat
  • Can take advantage of a treatment that’s brief, typically only 20 minutes long
  • Experience only minor side effects such as swelling and bruising
  • Produce more collagen and elastin as a result of the treatment, which firms your treated area also
  • Can get back to your normal life immediately after a treatment session

Another key benefit of KYBELLA® is that it’s a permanent solution for getting rid of your double-chin. The treatment effectively obliterates the fat cells so they can’t gather fat again. Your body expels them naturally over a period of months.

Does a KYBELLA® Treatment Hurt?

We do everything in our power to make your treatment experience as comfortable as possible. The local anesthetic we administer ensures that you don’t feel pain, and Dr. Vellanki then injects Kybella into several locations in your problem area. 

You may experience some post-treatment swelling. For this, cold packs help considerably, as does sleeping with your head slightly elevated.  

Will My KYBELLA® Results Impress Me?

They certainly should! Most people see a noticeable improvement after their very first treatment, but results are most marked at around the 3-6-month window. 

Dr. Vellanki typically advises a course of 3-5 treatments. We also schedule them about one month apart, so you and Dr. Vellanki can monitor your progress together. 

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