Unwanted Tattoos

Montana Aesthetics proudly offers the PicoSure laser system for the treatment of unwanted tattoos.

Struggling With Unwanted Tattoos?

Unwanted tattoos can be so annoying to look at! For many, that troublesome ink often serves as a nagging reminder of a bad decision. Moreover, certain tattoos can make it much more difficult to land the job of your dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those tattoos for good? Traditional tattoo removal systems are often painful and result in residual scarring. However, with the right treatment system and a skilled set of hands, your tattoos can quickly become a thing of the past. Montana Aesthetics proudly offers the PicoSure laser system for the treatment of unwanted tattoos. This special laser device can reduce the appearance of your ink without downtime or excessive irritation.

Worried About Tattoo Removal?

Removing unwanted tattoos can be painful. However, the PicoSure laser specifically works by delivering treatment without unnecessary pain or blistering. Our laser uses PressureWave technology to provide cooling during the tattoo removal procedure. This maximizes your comfort without detracting from the laser’s effectiveness. Every tattoo is unique and requires a personalized approach. This is why every visit to Montana Aesthetics begins with a comprehensive consultation to outline each individual treatment course according to the size, color, and location of your tattoo.

Tattoo Removal With PicoSure

Tattoo removal with PicoSure involves a series of treatment sessions, each set about four weeks apart. The length of each tattoo removal session depends on the size and color of your specific tattoo. Most of the time, we can treat small tattoos in about an hour or less. Larger tattoos may need a bit more time. People say the PicoSure procedure itself is very similar to getting a tattoo. There will be some discomfort, but we will do our best to make the experience as painless and easy as possible.

Unwanted Tattoo Removal Results

The PicoSure laser is super fast and super efficient! Most of our patients see permanent unwanted tattoo removal in as little as eight treatment sessions.* After your tattoo removal session, you are free to go home and enjoy the rest of your day. PicoSure treatments require no downtime! The only significant side effect of the laser is that your skin will feel like a bad sunburn until it is done healing. While it heals, we will provide you with some instructions on how to care for the treated area.


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Unwanted Tattoo Removal in Helena, MT

At Montana Aesthetics, we value the hard work you do to always look your best and want to help you achieve your beauty goals. If you have some ink that you’re itching to get rid of, why not give PicoSure a shot? To set up an appointment at our Helena center, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (406) 443-7200. We look forward to seeing you!

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